We welcome contributions from guest writers. If you have written an article about personal financial management and would like it published on our website, kindly send it to Make sure to comply with our publishing guidelines below.

Publishing Guidelines for Talking Money

Subject Matter

  • Subject matter of article must relate to personal financial management. Articles on finance, macroeconomics, business, entrepreneurship, current affairs or other similar areas may also be accepted if they relate back to the direct impact or implications for individuals or small business owners.
  • Articles that support or seek to defame any religion, religious body, political party or interest group will not be published.


  • Articles may quote or reference existing work but proper citation must be included. Although we at Talking Money will do our best to identify all instances of plagiarism, we will not accept liability for any legal or financial ramifications of the act of plagiarism by our contributors.

Advertising, Promotion, Marketing or Sponsorship

  • Articles are not to contain obvious attempts to promote a product or service. Objective comparison of similar products and services with a view to providing advice is however permitted.
  • Self-promoting or advertising should be limited to the profile at the end of the article.

Structure, Grammar and Content

  • Articles should have a clear introduction, clear subheadings outlining the content of the article and a clear conclusion.
  • All posts should also end with a subheading titled, “Enough Talk, Act Now” which is the section that gives the readers recommendations and immediate steps to apply in their personal lives.
  • While most articles on Talking Money are written in prose or from a personal perspective, articles should also contain factual information, data or analysis to support positions or reasoning.
  • Articles should be between 800 and 1,400 words long.
  • Multimedia content may be used but images, and videos must comply with any copyright restrictions of the respective owners or publishers.
  • Links to multimedia files submitted should be provided as files will not be saved on the Talking Money servers.

Document Format

  • Send articles as an attachment via email to in Microsoft Word format (2007 edition or higher). File sizes should not exceed 2MB.


  • Talking Money reserves the right to edit or delete entire sections within submitted articles before publishing including the title.
  • Write a short bio to go along with your article and a link to your website or email address.

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